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Why SHORE teams

At SHORE teams we partner with only the best companies and developers. With a meticulous pre-selection process, we evaluate past projects, references, and satisfaction rates before we accept a partner into our program. 

Get introduced to the best partners
To make sure you have the best possible experience, we only connect you to partners who fit your exact needs. We’ll check to see that they have comprehensive experience of your niche, and are experts in the services, technologies and applications used by your business. We’ll also take care to find you developers who are a fit in terms of budgets, working methods, time zones, and so on.

30,000+ talent pool
With our extensive pool of talent (200 agencies, 30k+ devs), our partners cover almost every vertical in software, web development, and mobile development.  We go back a long way with most of our partner outstaffing companies, so we trust them to deliver you the precise and dedicated software development services you deserve.

Credits: SHORE teams'partner ITernal Group

We work 100% performance based
Best of all, our advisory services are free of charge. You won’t pay
anything to us. Instead, we charge a referral fee when we create a successful match – to the partner agency, not to you. If we don’t create a partnership that works for you – we don’t get paid. So that’s even more motivation for us to do a great job.

Our expertise and experience are a crucial part of our ongoing success. We’d love to dig deep into the details and figure out the best path for you. And with our IT background, we’ve been through the same difficulties as you in the search for reliable nearshore/offshore development talent.

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