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Who will be the owner of the code?

There’s a significant difference between the outsourcing model, in which the team will work on several projects and work on their own systems and tooling. In that case you should make agreements upon the ownership of code beforehand.

In the outstaffing model, the model we and our partners are specialised in, the team will work dedicated for you, under your management and on your systems and tooling. So all code will be on your side.

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SHORE teams

SHORE teams enables you as a SME and/or development agency, to expand your development capacity with a ramped up team of skilled developers.

Hire great developers, no recruitment costs. You’ll get complete control over and access to your developers. Can scale up and down the team when you need it. You can benefit from lower rates, if you compare it with in-house hiring, local agencies and outsourcing.

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