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When are you ready to use SHORE teams’ services?

First of all, to be really honest and open with you. We can’t help you when:
– you don’t have budget yet
– you’re looking for some developers for short term (maximum of a few months). For example for a small sized project/new website, etcetera.

We cán help you when:
– you’d like to build a high quality development team
– for long term. To expand your current team / set up an own development team
– and are willing to do this at a nearshore/offshore location. We’re specifically focused at Central and Eastern Europe + Asia.
– if you’re looking for specific expertise which is hard to find in your own region
– or simply would like to cut costs.

We can match you with over 100 highly qualified IT partners and therefore thousands of outstanding developers world wide. We will hook you up with the best developers out there. Guaranteed.

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