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What does SHORE teams offer and competitors don’t?

In fact our competitors are in 95% of the cases single development agencies. Let me guess what they advice: we can develop your project on (technology they offer). In stead of developing your project on the technology you need! In the Netherlands there was a commercial for a toilet cleaner: “Wij van WC-eend adviseren WC-eend”; We of WC-eend advise WC-eend. They advise what they have, not what you need.

At SHORE teams we have the disposal of around 100 development agencies and all their technologies, professionals and expertise. Our partners can nearly cover any technology stack possible. As long as it is software, web or mobile development.

Let us help you to find the right partners for the technology chosen. Or let us advice on the technology stack to choose. We’d love to dive into details with you.

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