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Ever since mankind invented the wheel, we’ve been on a roll (pun very intended). While slow at first, technological advancements have since quite picked up the pace.

 And we can see the results: yesterday a revolutionary invention may have dropped, but today’s innovations already make it old news. We rarely even think about it, but every piece of software or website is built and maintained by a Web Developer.

But what is a Web Developer? What skills and tools do they use to make our daily digital experiences so smooth? Allow our experts at SHORE teams to explain.

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer specializes in the development of World Wide Web applications using a client–server model. They tend to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the client, PHP, ASP.NET (C#), Python, Node.js, Go or Java in the server, and http for communications between client and server. Content Management Systems are also often used to develop these apps.

Depending on the job requirements, web developers may focus on front-end, which involves designing sites and producing content, or back-end development, which involves writing code to make website features work.

They can also become webmasters for a site, providing maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting when necessary.

Web developers often work independently as freelancers or with company teams to create websites. 

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What does a Web Developer do?

We can break Web development down into three layers: client-side coding (frontend), server-side coding (backend) and database technology.

Let’s take a quick look at these 3 functions:


Client-side scripting, or frontend development, is about all the things the end user experiences directly. Client-side code executes in a web browser and directly relates to what people see when they visit a website. Everything visual like layout, fonts, colors, menus and contact forms is driven by the frontend.


Server-side scripting, or backend development, concerns everything that happens behind the scenes. The backend is basically the part of a website that the user never actually sees. It’s responsible for storing and organizing data, and ensuring that everything on the client-side runs smoothly. This is done by communicating with the frontend.

If something happens on the client-side—say, a user fills out a form—the browser sends a request to the server-side. The server-side “responds” with relevant information in the form of frontend code that the browser then interprets and displays.

Database technology

Another thing websites rely on is database technology. The database will contain all the files and content that are necessary for a website to function, stored in such a way that it is easy to retrieve, organize, edit, and save. This database runs on a server, and most websites typically use some form of relational database management system (RDBMS).

In conclusion: the frontend, backend, and database technology all work together to build and run a fully functional website or application, and these three layers form the basis of web development.

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Why SHORE teams?

At SHORE teams, we aim to help you find the absolute best developers through our network of 100+ partners. We’ve vetted each of these partners thoroughly. They’ve gone through an extensive onboarding process. During this time we extensively researched their development processes, technology stacks and specialties, online reviews and testimonials.

With our worldwide pool of 15,000+ technical talents, we’ll provide you with the best Web developers for your scaling needs. We’ll connect you with the right development partner and advise your decision-making process when needed. We function as a broker during the whole process and manage to keep this service free of charge.

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