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We are a startup. How would outstaffing work for us?

Outstaffing is a model in which you can easily set up a team and start working with them for the long term (so not specifically project based with an ending character). As you can imagine this will entail significant investments.

The most important aspect would be to have this investments covered, before you decide to move on. To give you some insight: a single developer will cost you about €3.000,- up to €9.000,- per month. Depending on the needed expertise, seniority of the developer and location. So, if you need an entire team, you’ll easily spend about €30.000,- a month. For sure you may not need the entire team for the entire period. In that case you can scale down your team after the first project (until you have another project you need to scale up for again).

Don’t worry, if the financial aspect is crucial to you, we can introduce you to partners who are at the lower end of the spectrum. And you can start with only one single developer/a small team, if that’s the maximum reach of your budget. Better to move forward slowly than to not move at all, right? And remember, we’re there to help you reach your goals. So, don’t hesitate to use our expertise to your advantage.

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SHORE teams

SHORE teams enables you as a SME and/or development agency, to expand your development capacity with a ramped up team of skilled developers.

Hire great developers, no recruitment costs. You’ll get complete control over and access to your developers. Can scale up and down the team when you need it. You can benefit from lower rates, if you compare it with in-house hiring, local agencies and outsourcing.

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