We are a FinTech business. How can we get as much as possible from outstaffing?

In our opinion it doesn’t matter in which branche you’re in. In most cases you can:
– significantly reduce the time to market
– find experts you can’t find in your own area
– easily scale up and down your team
– save 25-75% on your development

And your team will be of your full disposal. The team will work under your management (you can set up daily scrums/e-meetings when you like). They will execute your development roadmap, exactly in the way and order you want it. They will work upon your systems and tooling, so you’ll have the maximum control.

If you would like to get the maximum of this model, don’t hesitate to involve an outstaffing specialist as SHORE teams, who guides clients in this field on a daily basis. This specialist will help you to find the ideal development partner for your situation, will help you to compose the ideal team, will give you a bunch of tips along the way and can even help you with the negotiations, if you like.

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