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Customer happiness is at the center point of our organisation. It’s our personal goal to assist our clients with easier IT deliverables. We do that by providing access to outstanding and affordable IT talent.

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I really liked how you helped us to find the ideal partner, despite our extensive requirements package. We have experienced the contact as very pleasant.

Lennaert Kuijpers

Managing Director of The Dutch Postcode Lottery

The collaboration is running smoothly. We are very happy with this outstanding match. Thanks!

Ann-Katrien Heijligen

Chief People & Culture Officer of AvioBook (a Thales Group company)

Your service was really tremendous. When we told you our problems you said: "that's something I can handle and I'm gonna solve that for you." And although we had a very tight time window of 4 to 8 weeks, you held your promise. Now we have a successful dev team in place. You really delivered what you promised, and that's absolutely great!

Adrian von Mühlenen

Co-Founder of Sustragil (part of BASF)

We needed a number of software engineers on a very short notice. SHORE teams managed to help us. We were very happy with this and your deep understanding of our company and needs. Besides that we were surprised by the high quality of the offered solutions. We were able to speak face to face (video meeting), it felt like a close business relationship from the beginning. I would look forward to work with you again.

Marko Jakic

CTO - Co-founder

We give SHORE teams a 10/10! Still in an early start-up situation, we were looking for a flexible solution that would not consume all our budget. When we came across SHORE teams we had no hesitation before using their service, as no obligation was necessary. We were quite happy with the open 1:1 catch-ups, beneficial for a mutual understanding of needs. What we value most in your service is that it helps save time screening partners to find a suitable provider. We also got to enjoy some virtual holidays to the Netherlands throughout this Corona lockdown 😉 But the number 1 reason we would happily suggest this service to a friend or business relation, is that it's a risk-free try.

Tobias Freund

Founder, CEO

I was looking for a solution and SHORE teams was able to help us. Upfront I didn't have a lot of trust in working with people abroad. SHORE helped me understand how to do this is in a reliable way. You serviced us fast and professional with a personal touch. I really loved your network, and extremely high service level. I don't have any reference at the moment but I will make sure to advise anyone interested in the future to go to SHORE teams, when they have any development needs.

Gabriel Thijssen


Before we got in touch with you, we had limited and/or expensive options for hiring developers. You helped by bringing us in contact with other professional parties, and thereby broadened our options. You were professional, fast and concrete in your communication and actions, and have a superb network of national and global development partners. You understood exactly what we needed. I would absolutely recommend your company and services.

Marcel de Jong

Manager Operations, Services en IT

We were in search for extra development capacity for multiple projects. SHORE teams helped us connect to 4 potential (good looking) partners. Before we knew the proposed partners we were a bit reluctant. We were hesitating on potential bad teamwork. However, you understood our doubts, requirements and wishes and found the most suitable partners for us. You were truely transparent during the process. Which gave us the confidence to make the (right) choice. Thank you for all your efforts so far!

Mikel Palokaj


I did offshoring in the past. But how did it work at that time: we went to Bulgaria, we spoke to a few companies and came back to the Netherlands. Did a test with one of the companies and then find out it works, it didn't work or did a little bit work. So, we were spending a lot of time with travelling, finding the partners by our selves. And now when we start working with SHORE teams, you already knew and had experience with the partners. SHORE teams was a very good filter. I think it saved us a lot of time. A lot of failure and maybe it saved us for years of time and efforts.

Alex van Ginneken


From the stand point of a start up, it has an incredible value to minimize risk. By means of thoroughly knowing your contacts, SHORE teams matches needs and preferences with what is being offered by dev studios. In the background and as a backbone, you provide confidence through recommending reliable matches. Besides that you gave us a pool of recommendations. For that reason we chose the partner you recommended to us and we could not have been happier. In the end, I believe that we have learned our lesson not to ever think of going for any dev before first checking with you :- ). It is the best decision to consult with SHORE teams before deciding in a rush on your own with your limited view; it will save you headaches and transform them into a rewarding experience. We give SHORE teams 10 out of 10.

Bernhard Reiterer

CEO & Founder

We loved all the teams and their enthusiasm, but we were particularly impressed by one partner. He gave us valuable insights on how to improve our idea, remained composed under pressure and extremely pro-active. He was in a way, very inspired. Just like us! Other than that, we were very taken with SHORE teams' ability to handpick a great team. And you went above and beyond. We appreciate it very much.

Nausheen Alam

So far, we had experience with development agencies who worked according to agreement. This agency, brought to us by SHORE teams, really does the extra mile. And is much more affordable than our previous ones. We liked the fact we didn't have to pay anything for SHORE teams' services as well. In fact, when we would have known the outcome beforehand, we'd be really willing to pay. Besides that I liked the excellent options (partners) they present to us. That saved us a lot of time and hassle. And the magnificent support they gave to us throughout the process. I'd definitely recommend SHORE teams to anyone looking for outstanding developers.

Imran Özdemir


We haven't done outsourcing - or as you call it – outstaffing before. In the beginning I was a bit hesitant if this could work for us and if the model is transparent enough to us. SHORE teams helped us to overcome these hesitations. And provided us some excellent matches and gave us advice how to let this model work for us to the maximum extend. Overall I've got a very good experience with SHORE teams and the chosen partner.


The team of SHORE teams is very reliable and hardworking. They are the right choice if somebody’s in need for a developers. I believe whatever request they get involved in, you’ll have an extremely high probability of being successful.

Ricardo Hanoeman

Senior recruiter

Compelling data visualization is the most effective and efficient way to reveal and convey information. We have identified Kendo UI as the leading framework for developing rich web applications for interactive data visualization and have been referred to this partner as an expert in web development using Telerik’s products. We are very pleased with the solution, the partner was able to quickly grasp our requirements and deliver very elegant and responsive web application on a very aggressive schedule.


SHORE teams is very helpful. They give their clear vision and excellent advice. One of their team connected me to the parties I needed to make the projects work. I’ll recommend everyone to contact SHORE teams for questions/ work with nearshore or offshore developers.

Jan Jakob Bouma


We prefer to expand our team in Poland with this partner than keep searching for new employees in the Netherlands. The development team is a perfect match with our corporate culture, value, vision and mission. The agency creates a culture in which fun, ambition and quality are central. They organize fun social events and help specialists to share their knowledge and experience with each other for continuous self-development. It is great to see that our team is happy to be part of and enthusiastic and motivated to work for us. Our developers are really proud of the work they do, and so are we.


Today it's hard to find diamonds between the stack of stones. If keywords as flexible, fast deliveries, affordable and being an excellent and skilful discussion partner are on the top of your list then you are happy that you meet this agency.


It was great to work together with SHORE teams. The team consistently demonstrated a dedication to success. They have an exceptional expertise of nearshore and offshore Development. And are forward-thinking. I hope we will have a chance to work together again. It was a pleasure! After talking to several companies, we experienced that this agency understood the best what we needed for the development of our dashboard. The first meetings were great moments for us and gave us insight from a different perspective. In this way we could consider methods of use that we had never thought of before. The collaboration with the people of the partner made the entire process a great experience. We definitely recommend SHORE teams and this agency to companies that are looking for powerful development solutions.


It is a true pleasure for us to work with this agency. The team consists of experienced professionals with whom communication is also easy. They take our opinion, business goals and product roadmap into account and together we look for the best solutions. They get the job done on time again and again. SHORE team's services and in our case this agency is all you need to build a quality software system at competitive prices.


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