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Sustragil – a subsidiary of BASF (the global chemical market leader), founded in 2018 and headquartered in Münster, Germany – is a digital assistant in product safety. It takes over the manual entry of information from safety data sheets into your systems for you. Their cloud-based software supports the use and exchange of product safety data along the supply chain. Through automated data collection and uncomplicated data transfer to other IT systems, Sustragil reduces your workload, helps you to achieve agile processes and increase your transparency.

Case: Sustragil

After a prior meeting at Tech Open Air in Berlin, Adrian von Mühlenen reached out to us again. As a co-founder of Sustragil he had an urgent need for developers.

Since the lead developer was burning out he decided to resign after some other developers left, their development team fell apart. Moreover, BASF gave a hard deadline to deliver an crucial mile stone by september 2021.

Therefore, Sustragil would like to hire 1 really strong lead developer to start with and as soon as reasonably possible. Thereafter they needed 1 EHS specialist, 4 back end (JAVA 8, Spring, AWS, PostgreSQL, Docker, etc) and 2 front end developers (React.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML) and 1 QA automation specialist.


Originally the demand was for a Polish team. However since the Polish lead developer left, Sustragil was open to other Eastern European options as well.

Time zone alignment and the quality aspect were most important (having tight delivery deadlines). So, they were looking for real senior/expert people and weren’t open for a team of mixed seniorities at that stage.

The goal and hard requirement was to have a new development team in place in 6-8 weeks. Otherwise BASF would pull the plug. Obviously this gave a lot of pressure to the management team and to SHORE teams to accomplish this.


SHORE teams introduced Sustragil to 4 partners: one European wide partner, one Dutch-Indian partner, one Ukrainian partner and one from Portugal.

Although all 4 were a great fit, our partner Ragnarök won the deal. They were able to provide a really strong lead developer within a matter of days which impressed the MT of Sustragil. After this first great step, Sustragil together with Ragnarök grew the team with other experienced developers.

"Your service was really tremendous. When we told you our problems you said: "that's something I can handle and I'm gonna solve that for you." And although we had a very tight time window of 4 to 8 weeks, you held your promise. Now we have a successful dev team in place. You really delivered what you promised, and that's absolutely great!"
Adrian von Mühlenen
Co-founder Sustragil (BASF)

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