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Software Outsourcing

Should your business be forced to pay higher prices to form a team of developers within the same national borders as your company? The answer is no, it doesn’t have to be that way because you can take advantage of Software Outsourcing.

If this concept is something you haven’t considered yet, it might be time to seriously think about the benefits of Software Outsourcing services.

What is Software Outsourcing?

In response to  need to scale and changes in business objectives, many companies have chosen to try Software Outsourcing. As a first step it will be key to assess your current staff and figure out which additional skills you will need. At SHORE teams, we offer you expert Software Outsourcing services through our global network of partners

A very good reason for implementing this strategy is because it can help lower operating costs while you also get access to a huge talent pool. This can easily lead to a noticeable increase in output, improvements in your technical expertise and the ability to respond to scaling needs almost instantly.

Learn from the example of many leading tech companies working with Software Outsourcing companies today. We’re talking about household names like Facebook, Apple and Google. Surely they have a good reason for taking this approach!

Software Outsourcing
Credits: SHORE teams' partner Digitalya

When Should You Use Software Outsourcing?

 We already know costs can easily spiral out of control. This is why managing expenses and outgoings is essential for every company. The salary of a software engineer is one of the highest out there, and covering that salary can prove difficult for any business. However, Software Outsourcing services can help you save money while expanding your margins. Plus you’ll have access to teams of talented individuals.

No company wants to turn away lucrative projects or clients. But that can increasingly happen if you lack the capacity to accommodate them. With the right team in place however, you can make that happen. We can help find the right team for your needs, allowing you to scale at your own pace.

Software Outsourcing is right for you if:
  • The shortage on your local talent market makes local recruitment time-consuming and risky. You need access to skills currently unavailable locally.
  • The stack of professionals you’re looking for is rare in your country, and you want to add new developers to your team in order to meet project deadlines. So you’re considering extending your search to other locations.
  • You wish to reduce costs, but also need to scale quickly in response to customer/user demands.
  • You want your in-house team to focus more on core activities, so you’re looking to shift some of their tasks and activities to a third party.

Types of Software Outsourcing

First, let’s clarify that Software Outsourcing can be done in different ways. Each of these strategies can be implemented to help your company scale. Which of these is best for you, depends on your company’s specific requirements. And that’s what we’re here for: to help you figure it out!

  • Offshoring – delegating software development to a partner in a location at a longer distance from your company’s own location. Differences in time zone and culture can be turned to a benefit for your business
  • Nearshoring – this involves moving development to a location not too far outside the country your company is situated in, often with similar language and culture.
  • Onshoring or Homeshoring – software development to a location within the borders of the country your business is in.
  • Multisourcing – this method involves delegating development to multiple software outsourcing companies, which can be a handy technique to mitigate risk.
The benefits of Software Outsourcing services are numerous:
  1. It’s Cost-effective 
  2. Acquire talent from a global pool
  3. It will save you Time
  4. Gain the ability to scale up or down quickly
  5. Your teams can work around the clock!

First we want to get to know you & your companies needs. As soon as we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we’ll begin searching for suitable Software Outsourcing companies. We will set up the required calls and meetings with the selected teams, so you’ll be able to ask questions to understand how they can help your business meet its objectives. After the first round of conversations, you will be able to pick the right team members – a process we’ll help with by offering our advice and guidance. Finally, you’ll go through the process of negotiating the rates and terms before putting an agreement in place.

With our expertise, we’ll ensure the entire process is streamlined.

Easily access expert developers with the right talent and significantly lower your operating costs: Rates for developers in India for instance will be significantly (3-4 times) lower than those in Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles or London. Delegating your project to a capable Software Outsourcing company allows you to better focus on your core business.

And the cherry on top: we don’t charge you a cent for our advice. You read that correctly: you won’t even pay us anything for our expertise. Once we find a match, your chosen development partner will give us a kickback fee. This method ensures that we always find the best possible match for your needs.

Contact us today and we’ll inform you in detail of how we help companies grow!

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