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SignD – founded in 2019, funded with US$ 1.2M and based in Vienna, Austria – is a ‘one-stop shop’ for implementing a fully compliant Onboarding/KYC-process. SignD’s white label turnkey solution for customer onboarding encompasses identity verification, risk assessment, digital signatures and payments. Their framework orchestrates the leading providers of biometric identification, forensic analysis, PSD2, database services and open source intelligence.

Case: SignD

As a result of a prior contact at WebSummit (Lisbon) Bernhard Reiterer (CEO of SignD) reached out to SHORE teams. He was originally looking for a partner to create an app. Combined with some biometrics, distributed storage, scanning ID’s and some machine learning. Without having zero knowledge in this field. He was having a hard time to find the right vendor at the right quality/price relation.

SignD started with the hiring need for 1 lead developer/architect – which could translate their project plans to a technical solution. This lead and its new team should be able to work on 3rd party integration work: biometrics SDK, ID scan SDK, openBank-API(s); SDK / plugin development iOS and Android; security and app hardening; UI/UX; app development and simulation of the backend (incl. Postman). The technology stack was based on Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, Python, Swift, OpenGL and MongoDB.


A big Austrian bank asked SignD to package their solutions as an SDK, that could be linked within their new app and act as an ID-V mechanism to securily guide new users through a perfect onboarding experience while being 100% compliant with AML/CTF laws.

Therefore SignD was looking for a reliable partner with a proven track record and experience working with highly sensitive financial client data.

SignD had an outligned roadmap to release the product in different phases. Partner need to be able to develop all requirements within these phases.


SHORE teams introduced a couple of partners. One from Poland, two from India and one partially dutch, partially polish partner. The latter partner – Amsterdam Standard – was able to come with an outstanding lead developer in a couple of days. Because of this and several other reasons SHORE teams advised SignD to go with this partner. SignD decided to follow that advice.

SignD visited Amsterdam Standard’s Cracow office for a kick off-meeting. SignD was impressed with the passion of the team, the nice spots in the city and the start of their intense and productive collaboration. As COO Lisandro Aguilar (SignD) stated “We were made for each other”.

They decided to scale the team significantly. Lisandro: “we received super support from Leo and the team here”. With Leo, he meant Leopold van Oosten; CEO of Amsterdam Standard. “Even with the new team members, it was very smooth and extremely productive from the beginning.”

The team was able to do a great job. “This is only something we can have managed through proper communication. If you have a good basis for communication, it’s just like if the people would sit next to you in another room.”

Above all SignD managed to raise US$ 1.2M funding; during COVID19 times and grow the team to 11 developers.

"From the stand point of a start up, it has an incredible value to minimize risk. By means of thoroughly knowing your contacts, SHORE teams matches needs and preferences with what is being offered by dev studios. In the background and as a backbone, you provide confidence through recommending reliable matches. Besides that you gave us a pool of recommendations. For that reason we chose the partner you recommended to us and we could not have been happier. In the end, I believe that we have learned our lesson not to ever think of going for any dev before first checking with you :- ). It is the best decision to consult with SHORE teams before deciding in a rush on your own with your limited view; it will save you headaches and transform them into a rewarding experience. We give SHORE teams 10 out of 10. ”
Bernhard Reiterer
CEO & Founder SignD

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