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React VS Vue

When it comes to front-end JavaScript development tools, two contenders have been competing for the popular vote. Today we’re comparing React VS Vue.

So what are the key ways these frameworks differ from each other? Which should you choose for your company’s web development needs?

SHORE teams’ experts are here to help you figure it out!

React vs Vue
Credits: SHORE teams' partner DevRepublic

What is React?

Developed and maintained by Facebook and a group of companies and individuals, React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Enable your development team to easily create interactive UI’s. React lets you design the view for every state in your application, and then proceeds to render the necessary components. Or maybe you want to build components separately for every state and sync them after. With React you’re able to build new features without rewriting existing code. This means you can easily add this framework to your technology stack

If that wasn’t enough, added benefits include: server-side rendering using Node and the ability to power mobile apps with React Native.

Let’s figure out why small and medium sized companies are following the example of tech giants like Facebook, Skype and Discord and picking React.

What is Vue?

The official website states Vue.js is “the progressive JavaScript framework.” And with a focus on performance, versatility and approachability, it’s clear they’re not joking around.

If you already know HTML, CSS and JavaScript this will be relatively easy for you to use (hence ‘approachable’). This makes Vue an easy choice for any web developer looking to enhance their skills and streamline their workflow. Utilize this framework and your team’s existing web dev knowledge to create beautiful front-end products.

Aside from also compiling to a virtual DOM (for optimal speed) like React, Vue can function as both a library and a full-featured framework.

In addition to all of this, Vue is open-source and follows a Model-View-Viewmodel protocol. This allows you to separate the development of the UI (view) from that of the underlying back-end logic (model).

Find out why many tech startups and scaleups are choosing Vue for their frontend development processes.


React VS Vue

It’s only natural for business owners to consider the comparison of React VS Vue. If they’re both considered very useful for developing web and mobile apps, which should you choose for your company’s needs?

When comparing React VS Vue we can see they both:

  1. utilize a virtual DOM
  2. provide reactive and composable view components
  3. maintain focus in the core library, with concerns such as routing and global state management handled by companion libraries
On the other hand, the main differences between React VS Vue are:


  •  Write in JavaScript Expressions (JSX)
  • JSX combines HTML & CSS into JavaScript
  • most used JavaScript technology
  • more developers available
  • best for building large-scale web apps


  • Uses HTML templates, option to write in JSX
  • traditional separation of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • easier to learn
  • good documentation
  • can be integrated into existing projects incrementally

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