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React VS Java

When comparing web development tools, two options stand out from the rest of the JavaScript crowd. Its React VS Angular for the title tonight.

So what are the key points to consider? Which framework should you choose for your web development needs?

Our experts at SHORE team will help you figure it out!

React vs Angular
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What is React?

React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is developed by Facebook and a group of companies and individuals. 

React allows your development team to easily create interactive UI’s. Simply design the view for every state in your application, and it will render the needed components. You can also build components separately for every state and sync them after. React allows you to build new features without rewriting existing code. So it can be easily added to your technology stack. In fact, using Node you can render on the server. And using React Native allows you to power mobile apps!

Find out why small and medium sized businesses are following the example of tech giants like Facebook, Skype and Discord in choosing React.

What is Angular?

According to the official website, Angular is a platform for building mobile and desktop applications.

Angular is a TypeScript based web application framework. It was developed by the Angular team at Google and is open source. Which means it’s free. But also means there is ready-to-use code freely available!

As a framework, Angular can be used to build apps across platforms. Which means you can develop web, mobile or native apps easily. Also built-in functionality like server-side rendering helps you maximize your speed. Besides this, community support for Angular is strong. Let’s see why big tech companies like Google, PayPal and Upwork use Angular.

React VS Angular

When it comes to development frameworks, it’s normal for business owners to consider comparing React VS Angular. They’re both very useful for developing web and mobile apps, which should you pick for your company’s needs?

When comparing Angular vs React we see both are:

  1. useful web development tools
  2. part of the JavaScript Ecosystem
  3. open source and free
On the other hand, the main differences between React vs Angular are:


  • based on JavaScript
  • JavaScript library for building UI components
  • freely add to source code or package with other libraries
  • different tools required for different types of testing
  • easier to learn
  • not much community support


  • based on TypeScript
  • structural framework for creating web & hybrid apps
  • full toolkit to build large-scale apps
  • single tool for testing and debugging
  • steep learning curve
  • strong community support

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So can’t decide yet between React VS Angular? 

Don’t worry about it. Contact us today and our experts will happily advise you further!

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