React Native Developers Romania

While looking for React Native Developers Romania, it’s important to know this Southeastern European country is quickly becoming a vital development location for companies worldwide. However still many people don’t really understand how pricing works in Romania.

Hourly rates depend on city, seniority, development partner and technology. And those have increased, because the level of developers has as well. Being familiar with the range of rates and prices of local developers is key. This will make the recruitment process end quickly and productively!

The average rate for a developer in Romania is $35-$65 per hour. In comparison, prices in countries like the UK, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany can range from $90-$150.

You’re not the only one to consider React Native Developers Romania. With over 7,500 tech graduates annually, 250+ software development companies and 110,000+ IT professionals – it is certainly no wonder why tech giants like Skype, IBM, Boeing, Ericsson and Siemens hire developers in Romania.

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Why React Native Developers Romania?

Several reasons to choose for React Native Developers Romania:

  • Huge talent pool. With over 110,000 IT professionals and software developers you can find nearly any technology stack here.
  • 250+ software development agencies.
  • Highly educated talent. Romania has 57 universities with  IT related studies
  • Excellent English language skills
  • Similar time zone (in comparison with Western Europe, UK, Nordics, etcetera).
  • Low taxes and cost of living.
  • Cheap and fast Internet
  • Highly developed IT community
  • Affordable rates for hiring outstanding talent
React native developers romania
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SHORE teams (and its partners) work with the Outstaffing Model. With outstaffing you hire an external development team to work for you with full dedication. You have total control and access to the team. These developers will become part of your team, while remaining on the payroll of the development partner.

This pricing model is the most beneficial because:

  • Possibility to hire great developers without having to pay high recruitment costs
  • Flexibility in scaling up or down the number of developers or technical specialists you hire
  • Complete control over the development process
  • Full and dedicated access to your developers
  • Lower rates compared to other business models, and access to a global talent pool!

One thing to also take into account is the vendor’s fee. This will likely consist of:

  • Salary
  • Recruitment
  • Office rental
  • Accounting services
  • Social package for the staff
  • Equipment
  • Team building activities and parties
  • Taxes

While this is the standard, quality of service will likely vary significantly from vendor to vendor. You’re looking for a reasonable fee for a broad spectrum of services. It will therefore be key to study the market before finding a vendor you can trust.

SHORE teams

At SHORE teams, our goal is to help you find the absolute best developers through our vetted partners. Every partner has gone through an extensive onboarding process in which we’ve checked upon online reviews, testimonials, gathered loads of information about their development processes, technology stacks and specialisms, etcetera. If you’re looking to expand your team soon, look no further!

With our pool of 15,000+ technical talents worldwide, we ‘re able to provide you with the best Nearshore- and Offshore solutions for your scaling needs. We’ll function as a broker during the whole process, meaning we’ll connect you with the right development partner and advise your during the decision-making process when needed.

" Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort​. "

John Ruskin

What our clients say about us

From the stand point of a start up, it has an incredible value to minimize risk. By means of thoroughly knowing your contacts, SHORE teams matches needs and preferences with what is being offered by dev studios. In the background and as a backbone, you provide confidence through recommending reliable matches. Besides that you gave us a pool of recommendations. For that reason we chose the partner you recommended to us and we could not have been happier. In the end, I believe that we have learned our lesson not to ever think of going for any dev before first checking with you :- ). It is the best decision to consult with SHORE teams before deciding in a rush on your own with your limited view; it will save you headaches and transform them into a rewarding experience. We give SHORE teams 10 out of 10.​

Bernhard Reiterer​

CEO & Founder

Before we got in touch with you, we had limited and/or expensive options for hiring developers. You helped by bringing us in contact with other professional parties, and thereby broadened our options. You were professional, fast and concrete in your communication and actions, and have a superb network of national and global development partners. You understood exactly what we needed. I would absolutely recommend your company and services.

Marcel de Jong

Manager Operations, Services en IT

I did offshoring in the past. But how did it work at that time: we went to Bulgaria, we spoke to a few companies and came back to the Netherlands. Did a test with one of the companies and then find out it works, it didn't work or did a little bit work. So, we were spending a lot of time with travelling, finding the partners by our selves. And now when we start working with SHORE teams, you already knew and had experience with the partners. SHORE teams was a very good filter. I think it saved us a lot of time. A lot of failure and maybe it saved us for years of time and efforts.

Alex van Ginneken


Speak to our experts​

When looking for React Native Developers Romania, you will surely find many good options. The trick is choosing the partner you can rely on. And build on for years to come. We’re ready to help make that process swift and smooth!

Would you like to know more about working with React Native Developers from Romania? And how it would work in your situation? Speak to our experts!