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The Process

Instead of working with a specific technology that other development agencies have, we found a way to achieve your goals with the technology you need. With that goal, we match you with the finest selection out of the more than 200 development partners we have worldwide. Do you have (a) potential partner(s) yourself? We’ll screen them for you, using our extensive screening method. To ensure the best possible solution for you, we follow these steps:

Intake and Selection

We will start with an inquiry of your needs, requirements and wishes. Afterwards, we match your inquiry upon 3 to 4 perfectly matching IT development partners who have the right developers for you.

Get Aquainted​

We’ll set up calls/meetings with our selected IT partners on which you can ask questions which are important to you. We believe that you need to have the right synergy for a lasting collaboration.

Select & Negotiate​

You select the best possible IT partner for you. We can advise you on the partner selection if needed. You do your own negotiations regarding terms, rates, etcetera (if desired we can assist you).

Deal & Next steps​

You come to an agreement with one or more development partners, close the deal and start with your first developer(s). Next, we will help you scale the team over time if required.


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