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Partner Interview - WeSquare
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How much will I save with outstaffing?
Myths about Outstaffing
Can I share my company's culture with the outstaffed developers?
How can I take advantage of hybrid teams?
I'm from the U.S. Can IT outstaffing help me?
What does SHORE teams offer and competitors don't?
What costs are involved with our services?
What are the average hourly rates of developers?
How to cope with time differences?
How does our typical process look like?
When are you ready to use SHORE teams' services?​
How to overcome cultural differences?
In which verticals do SHORE teams' partners have experience?
Locations of our development partners (and teams)
Why you'd prefer outstaffing above outsourcing and in-house hiring?
Why you should use SHORE teams' services?
Programming languages/technologies we cover
How to protect your ideas and intellectual property?
Do the developers speak proper English?
What are the benefits of offshoring?
Technical experts you can hire at SHORE team's partners
Why you should start with a POC?
We are a startup. How would outstaffing work for us?
We are a FinTech business. How can we get as much as possible from outstaffing?
Who will be owner of the code?