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Partner FAQ

Select from the following list of Partner FAQs. Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you’re a new partner or considering becoming one, we encourage you to read through the relevant articles.

Getting Started

Our company has been in existence since 2015 and has successfully collaborated with dozens of clients, many of whom are repeat customers. We have a few hundred signed partners across different tiers.

To upgrade to the Bronze Plan, navigate to the dashboard and select 'Upgrade to Bronze' from the left-hand menu.

We present candidates from companies that have completed the onboarding process as our partners, ensuring a formal and recognized partnership.

Services and Pricing

The commission rate is set uniformly for all partners and has been established for many years. This ensures fairness across our partner network, supporting a consistent and equitable approach.

We offer our services to partners who view SHORE teams as a valuable investment, ensuring that those accessing our platform appreciate the value we provide.

Applying for opportunities is a benefit available to our subscribed partners, emphasizing the value of investing in our paid plans.

Support and Assistance

The invoicing process is typically determined through agreements between the client and SHORE Teams. Most clients prefer SHORE teams to handle invoicing to simplify their administrative processes.

We encourage partners to represent their own firms in engagements with SHORE teams, valuing the integrity and direct representation of candidates by their original providers.


Before a prospect turns out to be a qualified lead, it has gone through different steps and checking processes. SHORE teams uses the L1-L3 level qualification for that. More on this below.

– Real person – one of our representatives has had a call/(digital) meeting with the prospect.
– Real company – we've checked upon current activities of the company, its website, head count, presence on different online channels, etcetera.
– Real contact information – we've checked email address, LinkedIn profile, phone number, online communication channels, etcetera.
– Real interest – we've identified their interest.

High-level knowledge about
– issue – why do they want to hire externally
– potential needs – which technology do they need and why
– potential timeline – when do they roughly need the resources

For final qualification we use the BANT criteria
– B-udget confirmed. Prospect should be able to pay market rates and we agree upon this during the call/meeting (by giving price indications based on their situation/asking for their budget).
– A-uthority confirmed. We ask who makes the final decision; this can be one person or a group of persons – the Decision Making Unit (DMU). In some cases this can be a manager or the end client.
– N-eed confirmed. We dive into the last details such as: case description, technology stack, seniority, amount of candidates, duration, preferred location, soft and hard skills they are looking for, their partner preferences, available profiles, etcetera.
– T-imeline confirmed. We agree upon a realistic start date, based on their technology stack, size of the team, marketing processing time and so on. E.g.: 4-8 weeks.

All of SHORE teams' leads at L1 and L2 qualified.

When our point of contact is outside the DMU the lead is qualified as 'L3 -A'. If we are in touch with the/a decision maker, it's stated at 'L3' qualified.

All other L3 level criteria are confirmed for all of our leads.

Our usual customers range from small and medium sized companies to some larger enterprises in the Computer Software industry. We've also helped a lot of SaaS-companies before.

Most of our clients are typically located in major cities across Western Europe and the Americas. For qualification criteria, please refer to the questions above.

We offer guarantees of successful deal closures to our premium partners, including Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers, as part of their contractual benefits with us.

The opportunities listed on the dashboard are highly relevant, coming from our long-term clients. New opportunities undergo strict BANT standards, ensuring their Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline are thoroughly assessed for relevance and genuineness.

Premium partners have the opportunity to schedule introductory calls with clients, reflecting their commitment to long-term collaborations and their readiness to present high-quality candidates.

The time to receive feedback on your developers can vary by client. We always strive to ensure you receive feedback as promptly as possible, and we recommend regularly checking the dashboard for status updates on your inquiries.

We aim for long-term contracts, typically 12 months or more. This duration reflects our priority for stable and lasting partnerships.

The number of opportunities can vary from month to month. However, we generally aim to have at least 20 FTEs (Full-Time Equivalents) available each month.

The typical client selection process usually includes a prescreening stage, where candidates answer basic questions via Hireflix and record their responses. The recording, along with the candidate's CV, is then sent to the client. If the client is interested, they will invite the candidate for an interview, and if necessary, a coding task may be scheduled separately.

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