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In the world we live in today it’s hard, if not impossible, to find suitable development talent in Western Europe, UK, US and Canada. Besides that it usually comes with high salaries. There is a solution to these problems. Offshoring.

If this term is completely new to you or you have heard of it before (but never done it), learn more about the benefits of Offshoring your software development now.

What is Offshoring?

With offshoring you typically hire a development team from another, not that close by, destination to work for you. Since they’ll usually work in another country and time zone, they can collaborate synchronously or asynchronously with you. Both have its pros and cons. Consider these before choosing your destination.

Typical destinations for offshoring are India, Pakistan and other Asian destinations. If you’re based in the US or Canada, you can think of Mexico or South American countries as well. 

There is a reason for working with this model. It can truly help to lower your operational costs while having access to exceptional talent. And above that: you can increase your output, improve your technical expertise and scale rapidly.

Offshoring is something that’s mainstream for the biggest IT companies in the world. That’s because it’s proven to work for them. We’re talking about companies such as IBM, Skype, HP, Microsoft, Amazon and many many more. There is absolutely a good reason why they work with this model.

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Onshore vs Offshore

To get a better understanding of the differences, let us give you a comparison of Onshore vs Offshore. When you outsource your software development to a company that’s in the same country as yours, it’s called onshoring. In the past, before the Internet era, this was the only real solution for outsourcing software development. Some companies still prefer to support their own economy. Or don’t feel comfortable (yet) to go for offshoring, because of potential different regulations and oversight as those in their own country.

However, the situation has changed drastically. The world is at your doorstep today with limitless Internet. You can have Zoom/Skype/Teams calls with literally every company and country in the world. So, if you can’t find the resources/expertise onshore, you should definitely consider nearshoring or offshoring. The same goes if salary costs of local developers exceed your budget. A software developer salary is one of the highest.

In the comparison Onshore vs Offshore, Offshoring will definitely be the winner. Hereby you can help to save you money, hire exceptional talent and specific expertise you can’t find easily elsewhere.

You don’t need to turn down any lucrative project anymore. Or see a slowdown in your company’s growth because of a lack of resources. With the right team in place, you can make everything happen you’ve ever imagined. SHORE teams can help identify the right team for your specific requirements and preferences, so you can scale at pace.

How Do We Do It?

First, we’d like to get to know you and your company better. We aim to understand your requirements and the preferences you have the best we can in relation to your offshoring team. After that, we start our search for a suitable team within our partner base (we have a lot of in-depth information from 200+ of our partners), get in touch with relevant partners to check if they have your requested resources available/are able to find them easily in their market.

The next step would be to set up calls between you and a shortlist of candidates matching your requirements and preferences.

We help you towards making a choice for the right candidates. You can interview them if you’d like. And we’ll advise and guide you along the way. 

The entire process is streamlined and supported by our years of expertise, working on 100+ client cases.

With access to experts in several technologies, you can access the right talent and lower the operational costs significantly. Saving factor 3 or 4 in comparison with local rates in  London, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin or Amsterdam is no exception. This enables you to thrive your  business. And scale up your software deliveries collaborating with exceptional Offshoring talent.

Our service is free of charge. To be open and honest with you,  we get a fee from our sourcing partner when we create a successful match. So, we do everything we can to understand your situation and find the absolute best candidates for you. 

To find out more about how we can help your business move forward, get in touch with us.

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