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NieuwbouwOnline – founded in 2016 in Groningen – is developing a national platform for the sale of new-build homes for large NVM real estate agencies in the Netherlands.

From a central platform NbO builds regional websites and project websites with the new-build offerings of NVM new-build brokers. In addition to showing the offer, visitors have the option of subscribing to the websites and making their wishes known. The platform brings supply and demand together by matching customer demand with the supply of new-build homes to be built. In addition, NbO offers both the consumer and the real estate agent an online platform in which the entire process of purchasing a new-build home is digitized.

Case: NieuwbouwOnline

After two months of intensive search CEO Alex van Ginneken experienced it was very difficult to find good software developers in the dutch city Groningen. That was the reason why Alex and his team started to think of hiring nearshore developers. And they decided to reach out to SHORE teams.

NbO was looking for 1 senior web developer (pro in PHP, plenty of experience in OOP, Bootstrap3, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript/jQuery). Be able to be a tech lead. Plus they needed 1 mid-level web developer.


Client preferred to have time zone overlap for the majority of working hours.

Candidates with big data experience and good English communication skills were preferred.


From the initial contact with SHORE teams it went quite quickly, according to Alex: “Within one month we’ve spoken to a few companies, had good conversations with one of them and an agreement to start with an initial developer.”

NbO had good conversations with 4 European partners (chosen because of time zone alignment) – the partially dutch, partially polish partner
Amsterdam Standard stood out. And the introduction of a really strong lead developer did the rest.

"I did offshoring in the past. But how did it work at that time: we went to Bulgaria, we spoke to a few companies and came back to the Netherlands. Did a test with one of the companies and then find out it works, it didn't work or did a little bit work. So, we were spending a lot of time with travelling, finding the partners by our selves. And now when we start working with SHORE teams, you already knew and had experience with the partners. SHORE teams was a very good filter. I think it saved us a lot of time. A lot of failure and maybe it saved us for years of time and efforts."
Alex van Ginneken
CEO NieuwbouwOnline

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