Offshore or Nearshore development team?

The ability to quickly scale your IT or development teams is a challenge many businesses know all too well. Not only are you faced with high costs but recruiting and managing talent is also a huge drain on your company resources. That’s why so many companies are now opting to outsource their development through agencies like SHORE teams.

We have the disposal of a talent pool of over 20,000 highly skilled, vetted developers and IT personnel. They can be quickly and affordably deployed to create either an offshore or nearshore development team, as and when you need it. We match you with top-tier talent and the best part is we don’t charge you any fees for this matching service.

Whether you opt to hire an offshore or nearshore development team, there are some great advantages to both. Your chosen option comes down to the unique requirements of your business and industry.

Nearshore development team
Credits: SHORE teams' partner Leobit

What is Nearshore Software Development?

A nearshore software development team is usually located in a country that’s geographically proximate to the rest of the business. Nearshoring as a concept has really started to take off in recent years, and there’s a few reasons why it’s proving so popular. Having your team in a similar time zone facilitates meetings and communication. It also improves cultural compatibility by minimising misunderstandings and enhancing company cohesion.

Additionally, hiring your team abroad at a lower cost puts you at a financial advantage. If you operate out of Western Europe, your ideal nearshore locations would be Central and Eastern Europe. No more than a 2-hour flight away, your nearshore development team is practically on your doorstep.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development has revolutionised the way companies scale their IT and development departments for decades. SHORE teams can help you do the same. When you offshore your software development, you benefit from the extraordinary lower costs of hiring a team further abroad. South Asia remains the most popular choice for offshore development teams, thanks to the high standard of IT talent and education found in this region. But we also have skilled teams based in the Americas and other regions that have a high level of professional expertise.

We intensively vet every development partner and the  candidates that join our pool, so you can rest assured that you’re hiring the best people for the job every single time.

Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

Are you looking to expand and quickly scale your development team, but aren’t sure whether to go offshore or nearshore? Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits of Nearshore Software Development:

  • It reduces risks and errors. ✔
  • You’ll work in a similar time zone. ✔
  • You’ll experience less cultural differences, compared to offshoring. ✔
  • Communication will run smoother. ✔
  • It increases quality and efficiency of development. ✔

To make the comparison with Offshore Software Development, hereby the benefits of this method:

  • Available to work around the clock ✔
  • Cost-effective ✔
  • Access to a global talent pool ✔


If you’re still unsure whether an offshore or nearshore development team will work for you, book a free consultation with one of our experts today! We’ll discuss your requirements in detail and help you find the best solutions to all your IT and development needs.

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