Lead for a Lead

As a business development manager, you’ll probably experience you can’t help every incoming lead. Because you don’t have the resources in place at the right moment, you don’t have the right technology stack or experience or the client doesn’t qualify for your business or working methods.

In such a case you can benefit from the power of joint forces. If you send such a lead to us, you’ll receive another qualified lead free of charge.

Conditions Lead for a Lead program

  • You need to be a signed and confirmed partner of SHORE teams. Apply for a partnership, if you’re not a partner yet.
  • You’ll receive a free of charge Lead for every qualified Lead you’ll deliver to SHORE teams. The discount code involved with that will be valid for 12 months, from issue date.
  • A lead qualifies when:
    1) the prospect/client is looking for multiple developers/a development team
    2) is looking for or comfortable with a nearshore/offshore partner
    3) do have some urgency (would like to start within 3 months from date of entry)
    4) do have a reasonable budget. Quality needs to prevail above the lowest rates
    5) are looking for a long term-solution (outstaffing). Not for a single project
    6) we need to be able to match them with at least 3 partners
  • In order to succeed, we’ll need an active approach. Communicate the Lead for a Lead program with your staff and sales colleague’s. The more leads you’ll submit, the more free of charge leads and opportunities you’ll receive.

Create new opportunities from leads you couldn’t help anyway.