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IT Outsourcing

Ask yourself: Why should my company be forced to pay higher rates to form a team of developers which reside in the same country as your company? It doesn’t really have to be that way, because you can take advantage of IT Outsourcing services.

If you haven’t considered this option before, it might be time to seriously consider the benefits of IT Outsourcing.

What is IT Outsourcing?

In response to  need to scale and changes in business objectives, many companies have chosen to try IT Outsourcing. An important first step is assessing your current staff and then figuring out which additional skills are needed. Through our global network of partners, SHORE teams is able to offer you expert IT Outsourcing services. 

A very good reason to implement this strategy is because it can help with lowering operational costs while granting you access to a huge talent pool. This easily translates to you increasing your output, improving your technical expertise and scaling rapidly, as required.

But don’t just take our word for it. Many leading tech companies are working with IT Outsourcing companies: Google, Microsoft and Apple among them. Surely, there is a good reason they take such an approach!

IT Outsourcing
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When Should You Use IT Outsourcing?

Managing expenses and outgoings is essential for every business, because costs can easily spiral out of control. A software engineer salary is one of the highest out there but covering that salary can prove difficult for any business. However, IT Outsourcing services can help to save you money while expanding your margins and you’ll have access to teams of talented individuals.

Having to turn away lucrative projects or clients is something no company wants. But that can happen frequently if you don’t have the capacity to accommodate them. However, with the right team in place, you can make that happen. We can help identify the right team for your needs, allowing you to scale at pace.

IT Outsourcing is right for you if:
  • You want to access skills currently unavailable due to the shortage on your local talent market –  local recruitment is taking too long and might prove very risky.
  • You’re looking to add new developers to your team in order to meet project deadlines. But the stack of professionals you’re looking for is rare in your country, so you’re thinking of extending your search to other locations.
  • You need to scale quickly in response to customer/user demands, but also wish to reduce costs in the process.
  • You want your in-house team to focus on more meaningful activities, so you’re looking to delegate some of their workload to a third party.

IT Outsourcing vs. Other Models

First, let’s discuss different methods for expanding your team. All of these models can be used to help your company scale. Which option you choose, will depend entirely on your needs. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure that out!

  • In-House Team – a company-owned and locally hired team who are on the local payroll. They are subject to taxation within the host country. Their status as permanent employees means complete oversight and at full-salary.
  • Extended Teams – flexible, piecemeal hiring strategy. Such an arrangement enables extensions of in-house IT teams, on a person-by-person basis.
  • Outsourced IT Teams – typically found overseas, these external squads undertake portions or even all of company IT functions.
  • Whole-Department Near/Offshoring – outsourcing to departments in either near or far-off locations. Depending on where, there may be differences in culture and time zones. 
The advantages of IT Outsourcing services over some of the other methods mentioned are:
  1. Cost-effective strategy
  2. Access a global talent pool
  3. Time-saving
  4. Ability to scale up or down quickly and easily
  5. You can have teams working on your product around the clock.

How Do We Do It?

First things first: we want to get to know you & your companies needs.  Then, once we have a clear understanding of what you require, we begin the search for suitable IT Outsourcing companies. We will set up the necessary meetings and calls with the selected teams so you can ask any questions and understand how they can help you meet your objectives. After the initial conversations, you can then choose the right team members and we’ll definitely help with the process by offering our advice and guidance. Finally, you’ll go through the process of negotiating the rates and terms before putting an agreement in place.

We streamline the entire process with our expertise.

Access expert developers: you can access the right talent and lower the costs of operation easily. For example, developers in India will cost around 3-4 times less than those in London, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin or Amsterdam. Delegating your project to a capable IT Outsourcing company allows you to better focus on your core business.

And best of all: we won’t charge you a penny for our advice. That’s right: you don’t pay us anything for our expertise. Once we’ve found a match we’ll get a kickback fee from your chosen development partner. This method ensures that we always find the best possible match for your needs.

Get in touch with us today, to find out more about how we can help your business grow!

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