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How does our typical process look like?

Most of our clients use our service to start/expand their development team. They are looking for specific expertise or would like to cut costs on development/developers. We will hook you up with the best developers out there. We have a simple process and we’ll guide you along the way.

1) Intake – We’ll start with an inquiry of your needs, requirements and wishes

2) Search & Select – We’ll match your inquiry upon 3 to 4 perfectly matching IT development partners with the right developers for you.

3) Get acquainted – We’ll set up calls/Skype meetings for you to get acquainted. You can ask questions which are important to you. We believe that you need to have the right connection/synergy for a lasting collaboration.

4) Select – It’s up to you with which partner(s) you would like to collaborate. We can advise you.

5) Negotiate & Agreement – You do your own negotiations regarding terms, rates, etcetera (if desired we can assist you). You come to an agreement with one or more development partners.

6) Deal & Start – Start with the first developer(s). Mostly to start for a test period.

7) Grow the team over time.

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