Full Stack Developer

Many people understand that there’s a difference between web designers and web developers. But as the internet has evolved, it has become more of a trend to see job titles like Full Stack Developer.

We’ve recently covered what a Front End developer is, but what is a Full Stack developer?

 Allow our experts at SHORE teams to explain.

What is a Full Stack Developer?

As the Internet grows more complex, developers have to become more specialized. This means that web development can now mean a variety of things depending on what a web developer specializes in. Here are the three main categories:

  • Front end development (the visible parts of a website, webpage, or app)
  • Back end development (the “under the hood” databases and infrastructure)
  • Full stack development (a hybrid of both). Full stack can apply to a web stack, mobile stack, or a native application stack (i.e. software programs for specific devices)
A full stack web developer is a person who is able to develop both client and server software. Besides mastering HTML, CSS and JavaScript, this individual will also specialize in one or more back-end languages like PHP or Python. Some also choose to learn an extra skill such as project management or UI/UX design to ‘complete’ their stack.
It will be key for a Full Stack Developer to master all techniques involved in a development project. So being able to prototype quickly and switch between front end and back end development is mandatory. With the right experience they will be able to help all the team members.


Let’s see which tools a Full Stack Developer uses next.

Full stack developer
Credits: SHORE teams' partner Digitalya

Full Stack Developer Tools

There are many options available for full stack developers to choose from when it comes to web and app development tools. Which specific technologies they use will depend on your organization’s specific needs.

Let’s have a quick overview:

  • For creating web pages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • For programming browsers: JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, or Vue
  • For programming servers (like using PHP, ASP, Python, or Node)
  • For programming databases (like using SQL, SQLite, or MongoDB)

Some popular stacks often used by professionals in this field are:

  • LAMP stack: JavaScript – Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP
  • MEAN stack: JavaScript – MongoDB – Express – AngularJS – Node.js
  • Django stack: JavaScript – Python – Django – MySQL
  • Ruby on Rails stack: JavaScript – Ruby – SQLite – Rails

A good Full Stack Developer will surely have all these technologies and more in his toolkit. And yet the right developer for you may need some extra skills, depending on your company’s needs. Haven’t figured out yet what exactly that might be? Don’t worry, just click the button and we’ll take it from there!

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