Dedicated development teams

dedicated development teamsMore and more SaaS and Application owners are moving away from the traditional employment model to nearshore or offshore dedicated development teams. And for different reasons. It can be either because of scalability, flexibility or cost efficiency. Besides that, it can be beneficial to not get disturbed in daily acitivities and therefore choose for a team to work on another project externally. SHORE teams helps to find, select and build dedicated development teams. In fact these are team(s) of smart and talented IT specialists working dedicated for you. Together with the customer we decide upon the best mix of vertical knowledge, technical and and soft-skills of the team. And take into consideration aspects like travel distance, time differences, cultural difference and your company’s working methods and culture. SHORE teams can help you with teams in web development, mobile app development and other custom software developments; SHORE teams and its partners have built dedicated development teams for some of the leading SaaS platforms and Applications, including iBood, Axis Bank, Unilever and Fox Sports.

When do you need a dedicated development team?

Your business can benefit in many ways:

  • it allows you to quickly ramp up and scale down the team when needed
  • augment your in-house teams with rare and highly specialised professionals.
  • it allows you to cut on development costs and recruitment
  • it reduces your time to market
  • hire developers experienced with platforms or applications like yours.

All while you keep complete control over the project, milestones and deliverables.

What will you get?

A dedicated team working exclusively for you. This means:

  • handpicked developers and IT specialists to fullfil your project and business goals
  • with a proven track record and solution oriented
  • an agile teams focused on solving your problems in the most efficient way
  • a development partner you can rely on

Largest talent pools

Our Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Indian and many other development partners allow you to tap into the largest IT talent pools with over 10,000+ specialists.

Scale your growth

SHORE teams helps to build teams ranging from 2-50 professionals in order to help companies grow further.


Tap into rare and highly specialised professionals

Hire talent not available in-house or in your region. 100+ clients are working on implementing technology transformations now.

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