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From well-funded startups to SME(+) and Fortune 500 companies. SHORE teams delivers exceptional results and helps many organisations to extend their development capacity. Some cases we are proud of:

The Dutch Postcode Lottery

The lottery would like to nearshore 40% of its current 100+ in-house development team. Developers became relatively expensive in the Netherlands, and they’d like to expand their workload within the current budget.

The managing director and team lead core development had a long list of requirements. However, SHORE teams managed to come up with a wonderful match.

Sustragil (a subsidiary of BASF)

Adrian von Mühlenen, co-founder of Sustragil, had an urgent need for developers. The hard requirement was to have a new development team in place in 6-8 weeks. Otherwise the mother company BASF would pull the plug. Obviously this gave a lot of pressure to the management team and to SHORE teams to accomplish this.

Aviobook (a Thales Group company)

AvioBook came to us with an urgent need for 3 JAVA + 7 iOS developers. The current recruitment and on-boarding capacities in the countries they were in didn’t allow them to grow fast enough to meet their strategic development objectives.

Learn more about their requirements and the solution SHORE teams found for them.


Bernhard Reiterer (CEO of SignD) came to SHORE teams with a very challenging project in the field of biometrics, distributed storage, scanning ID’s and some machine learning.

SHORE teams created a marvellous partner match, SignD managed to raise 1M+ funding and the highly productive team grew significantly.


CEO Alex van Ginneken has been intensively searching for good software developers in the dutch city Groningen. He didn’t manage to find any within budget, their quality standards, etcetera. That was the reason why Alex and his team started to think of hiring nearshore developers. And they decided to reach out to SHORE teams.


Marko Jakic (CTO of Vertrical) urgently needed to hire 6 senior JavaScript specialists, with NodeJS, ReactJS and AWS experience.

SHORE teams managed to find a partner able to provide the first resources within a working day!

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