Can I share my company’s culture with the outstaffed developers?

Absolutely. And you should in our opinion. We consider your outstaffed developers to be part of your company. With only two minor differences. They are not on your payroll (but that’s only a legal aspect) and they don’t work at your office, but remotely.

The more you share about your company’s culture and the more you involve them in your company’s daily activities, the better the collaboration will work. Bring them over to your office once in a while, let’s them join your team building activities and let them truely mingle with your in house team. Since you’ll have significant savings by working with a remote team, these extra costs will be easily covered. And will bring you a better output.

Please don’t hesitate to read our blog about how to create an all-star team (regardless of being an in house or a hybrid team).

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