We help you find the right nearshore or offshore development partner.


Which development method fits you best?

You hire a development partner to develop the solution you need, based on the requirements you have. Your partner is responsible for the Projectworkflow and manages it from A to Z.


You hire a team of skilled professionals which remotely work on your project under your supervision. In most cases, the team collaborates with your internal developers to strengthen your project.

Do you fail to get the IT vacancies properly completed? This is not surprising, because of the current scarcity on the UK and Western European markets. It is expected that this deficit will continue to run much further. Up to 54,000 FTE in 2020! A remote development team is therefore a solid solution.

SHORE teams

Taking care of near- and offshore development

SHORE teams originates from a traditional app and Web application developer. Relatively quickly, we decided to outsource development (in part) to partners in Romania and India. We experienced the negative side that can be experienced with outsourcing. Development was simply to complex. And therefore took unnecessarily long. Appointments/deadlines were not met. Developers turned out to be suddenly gone. Or came back surfaced when it was convenient. And so on.

This can be done differently, we thought. And that's what we did. In the meanwhile, SHORE teams has done a lot of projects and has gained extensive experience on how to do it right. SHORE teams has found the right partners, which are reliable, with which communication is easy to handle, having the same methodologies, in short: they speak the same ' language '.

SHORE teams has currently assisted for dozens of clients in building nearshore and offshore development teams. We can count on customers, including Unilever, Allianz, SNS Real and Philips Healthcare. We match you to the right development partner based on hard, but also soft skills. What culture does your company have? Which model, outsourcing/outstaffing or perhaps a variant, do you prefer? What about acceptable time differences and flight times, etc. We collaborate intensively with many development partners and can draw on more than 100 development partners worldwide. For truly every technology stack and customer we have the right solution.

  • 100 + Development Partners

    And years of practical experience

  • The best developers worldwide

    Get access to the expertise your organization needs

  • Achieve significant cost savings

    Save up to 75% on your development

  • Direct contact

    Negotiation and communication with the partner you do yourself


Startups, scale-ups and established companies all face the same problems in finding (the right) developers. We are thankful that we have been able to help so many already with the perfect nearhore and/or offshore developers. Will you be next?

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