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Ramp up a Team of Skilled Developers

Looking to grow your organisation’s capacity? Need a dedicated software development team to expand your network and services? Want to work with some of the world’s best development teams?

SHORE teams allows your company to expand your dev teams by matching you with elite IT professionals and teams. Our match making is free of any charge.

Our Solutions


As a part of IT outsourcing, Nearshore Software Development is a rapidly expanding service market. For businesses and other organisations, outsourcing IT, services increasingly makes strategic sense


Finding and training skilled talent can be a great hassle and cost a lot of time and resources. That’s why at SHORE teams we’ve made it our mission to help businesses get on-demand access to a team of fully trained developers within 4-8 weeks via IT Outstaffing. Above that, we’ve got you hired single developers within days.

Staff Augmentation

When it comes to software development, why should your business be forced to pay higher prices to utilize a team? The reality is that this doesn’t have to be the case because you can take advantage of Staff Augmentation from nearshore or offshore locations.


When you’re on a budget or already have been working with offshore resources before this could be a great choice for your organisation. Although time zone differences, we’re able to overcome that. And you may even benefit from these differences – having teams working for you the clock around.

Software development has come a long way since the early days of the computer. Nowadays we have many technologies available to help solve our everyday problems. This means your business has many potential paths to its goals.

Technical Experts

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons technical experts are scarce. They’re rare . It may be months before you find the right talent. And even then it can be difficult to compete with high industry rates. We’ve got the solution. 

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SHORE teams Reviews

✔ to pay attention to the right aspects during interviews
✔ why doing personality and  intelligence tests are vital for your hiring success
✔ why you should absolutely do skills and language tests

Our Features

Expand your Team

Hire developers, experienced with platforms or applications like yours. With a broad knowledge and fully informed about the latest technologies.

Shrink your Backlog

Finally resolve the bugs on your backlog. Complete all work items you have in mind for a long time. Further develop the functionalities of your platform or application.

Increase your Output

Add valuable resources to your company and team. Generate more revenue. Take advantage of your extended capacity and easily multiply your output.

Improve your Process

Upgrade your development process. Push the level of knowledge and happiness of your in-house team. Gain new insights and be 100% relevant.

Case Studies

Sustragil (a subsidiary of BASF)

Adrian von Mühlenen, co-founder of Sustragil, had an urgent need for developers. The hard requirement was to have a new development team in place in 6-8 weeks. Otherwise the mother company BASF would pull the plug. Obviously this gave a lot of pressure to the management team and to SHORE teams to accomplish this.

The Dutch Postcode Lottery

The lottery would like to nearshore 40% of its current 100+ in-house development team. Developers became relatively expensive in the Netherlands, and they’d like to expand their workload within the current budget.

The managing director and team lead core development had a long list of requirements. However, SHORE teams managed to come up with a wonderful match.

Aviobook (a Thales Group company)

AvioBook came to us with an urgent need for 3 JAVA + 7 iOS developers. The current recruitment and on-boarding capacities in the countries they were in didn’t allow them to grow fast enough to meet their strategic development objectives.

Learn more about their requirements and the solution SHORE teams found for them.

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✔ to pay attention to the right aspects during interviews
✔ why doing personality and intelligence tests are vital for your hiring success
✔ why you should absolutely do skills and language tests

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